The world-famous photo The Bare-chested Man in front of the Occupier's Tank was taken by Slovak photo-reporter Ladislav Bielik.

On August 21, 1968 army troops and tanks rolled into Bratislava. Shots were fired on the Safarikovo Square near where the old bridge crosses the Danube. A 17 year-old girl died. Citizens screamed, cried, fainted. “Socialism with a human face” was over. A young photographer did what came naturally. He raised his camera and shot back. 

Ladislav Bielik died in 1984. All his photos were hidden by himself, but his son found them in 1989 and recalled people what happend in our country. Since then every year is this photo on August 21st in newspapers. But now for the first time people can see it in colour. The son of Ladislav Bielik choosed me to bring his father's most famous photography into colors. I spent two months of painting this photo in computer and this is the result:

original version

colorised verion